Artist Painter, I live in Strasbourg and I have been traveling for many years to Asia and the Middle East. I always take my colored markers and look for objects such as stones, pebbles, bamboo, tiles, terracotta pots, shells and other local objects that I paint, then varnish.

I spontaneously draw the outline of the work, giving free rein to my imagination, imbued with the shapes and colors of the different cultures crossed in this world.

Sometimes I voluntarily leave an object painted on a beach, where elsewhere, with my e-mail address on its back and sometimes on my return, I am pleased to receive a message from a person who has found the object, thanking me for this original acquisition.

In France, I only paint on sheets of synthetic glass, which are placed on a background of colored paper or antique papyrus, leaving a gap of 3mm, which gives depth to the painting with the shadows cast of the shapes that l 'found on the background of paper.

Depending on the viewing angle, the details of my paintings are changeable and resemble pareidolies (this phenomenon consists, for example, in identifying a familiar form in a landscape, a cloud, or even a spot of ink).